These posts, these moments, these snippets of writings…

…they’re a kind of therapy for me: writing, sharing, breaking, disappointing, exciting, and…habit-forming.

They don’t always take shape as I expect or hope, and they don’t always take shape at all, but I keep going cause if I pause I’d likely won’t return.

So I expect that they won’t always be perfect, and sometimes they will be awesome, and sometimes they would be just horrible.

C’est La Vie.

For the time being, I will keep using these writings as a kind of therapy: sharing certain ideas, expanding on an example or two, and getting my thoughts down on paper.

It would be amazing if they help, educate, inspire, or give someone motivation or push them to take some step forward or even shine a light on an area of interest…

…but I also know this won’t be the case every time (or none at all).

That’s ok – not everything will have the best results.