I’ve been inspired by product marketers, which is also why I think they should be the first marketing hire at a startup.

Their work and deliverables are so crucial within the sales enablement process, being able to convey the what of a product, or an overview of an industry, or diving in-depth on a particular subject referring to a product or solution they’re responsible for.

While product marketing has picked up more attention and respect lately, I still believe they are one of the most underrated positions which deserve a lot more credit than received.

Here are real content writers (not copywriters), which while both have important content-related responsibilities, these individuals go in daily and retell a story from various angles, viewpoints, and use-cases and provide marketers the material to support their own funnels and efforts: awareness, educational, conversion, vendor selection, and more.

Their content isn’t easy to create, whether short or long-form, relying on the fact they need to edit once, edit twice, and edit some moreโ€ฆover and over again.

And after that, we feed them more info, and more details, and give them more insights and signals we’ve gained from users, and here they go back and update that definitive, ultimate, and holy-grail of white papers, e-book, and checklists to give marketers the tools to grow and improve results.

So don’t just look at product marketers as your product content writers, for they are much more. And if you give them more than a minute of your time, you’d be more than surprised how much knowledge they hold, which could assist you in understanding much more of your own product and solution than you thought you knew.

Heck, product marketing even helps me excite my children with pizza pita sticks ๐Ÿ™‚