I scream you scream, we all scream for Ice-cream

When we’re promoting or selling something, we want our audience to see it the way they should see it…

…conveying the value it provides for them…

…written, presented, and pitched in a way that resonates with them…

…and make it clear and concise, so they easily understand What’s In It for Them.

And if your audience doesn’t read, or the regular channels or methods aren’t available, you got to at least bring it to their eye level: they see it, get it, and want it right away.

I remember the ice-cream man that drove by my street always had a great selection of candy, snacks, and ice-cream bars, but most kids flocked to the facial popsicles in the shape of the current children’s pop-culture items.

Do you remember those?

There was Spider-man, Tweety Bird, Slimer from Ghostbusters, Spongebob, Sonic the Hedgehog, Powerpuff Girls, the Baseball Mitt, and so many more characters and variations and flavors (even though they all tasted the same).

Besides the characters, the colors, and the references these popsicles had, they were physically positioned right at the eye level of their audience. The children could choose from so many different ice-creams and flavors, but right in front of them were these facial popsicles.

Why should they look anywhere else or consider any other ice cream?

The parents could huff and puff and argue why those aren’t the best use of their hard-earned cash, suggest why the drumstick, or the ice-cream sandwich, or the Strawberry Shortcake are better choices, but the children just wanted what was right in front of their face.

The ice-cream man didn’t need to say anything, convince any kid of this over that, and could also price those popsicles accordingly (surprise, surprise) – they simply positioned the right product right in front of the right audience.

The right ice cream at the right spot.