It is so easy to stand right next to competitors and alternatives by just doing the minimum required, but you can quickly stand out above the rest by doing just a little more.

What is that little more?

That little more includes what you’d personally expect from a service provider, yet it isn’t necessarily written or requested. It is the little extra attention to timetables, to details, to requirements, and going a bit further than what is expected.

It is leaving a mark and not just checking off the box “Did it!”; it is trying to listen to our inner critic and ask ourselves whether we’d appreciate what we’ve just delivered or wish it would include a little more; it is making sure that we’re never the bottleneck holding up the rest of the team, so they can progress as planned.

Now if you do that little more, not only will you stand out and be appreciated by your clients, colleagues, and friends, but you’d be remembered for going out of your way to deliver above your promise.

Yes, that little more is so different than what’s expected, it makes you stand out and remembered.

It makes you a true professional.

And guess what…if you do a little more, pay more attention, deliver beyond expectation, and give a shit about your client…then you may possibly already be a professional without realizing it 🙂