Don’t sit back and let things happen to you. Go out and happen to things

– Anonymous

We’ve got our ups and downs on a daily basis, things that help motivate us for the next task or project, as well as things that deflate us and keep us from progress.

While one makes it much easier to grow and expand, we can’t just wait around for things to go our way in order to move forward…we’ve got to be proactive…continuously.

As we’re proactive, we’re creating opportunities and having more control of situations and events while opening up new possibilities and directions that can take place. If we just sit back and wait, opportunities may still arise, yet they will be less frequent, and we likely won’t have a say in which way the ship is to be steered.

True, while being proactive will introduce more opportunities, it will also raise more possibilities of failure due to the growing opportunities and possibilities, and that is ok…cause at least: we’re doing something, trying a new way, moving forward, and not just sitting around waiting for things to happen to us.

But being proactive isn’t just a one-off. It needs to be formed into a habit and part of it is having a sense of urgency: the need to do something, get things done, move forward, and rock and roll.

So get up, take charge, and make something happen – anyways you didn’t have something better to do right now, did you?