Working hard or hardly working?

– Uncredited

With so many things going on at the same time, some activities, tasks, and projects will be fun, some will be difficult, more than a few will be boring, and some a combination of it all.

But when attending so, are you taking care of things to check off the box and get them out of the way, or are you actually aiming to achieve something?

If the tasks are important and have a part in making some change and achievement, then they require your focus, attention, and a sense of urgency otherwise…delegate them and move on to more important items.

Yes, everything has some importance within your daily to-do list, but some things are more critical, or more urgent, or simply deserve more of your attention.

So delegate what you can, invest time and effort in important areas that require your personal attention, and prioritize to make sure you’re getting the right things done and making progress.

It isn’t going to be perfect, and tedious items will always arise, but you can get into a groove of productivity that will still make you feel that you’re making progress, rather than simply checking off boxes and acting busy.

And if the task is super important, extremely urgent, and absolutely boring, it happens! Just go ahead and get started, then get better – sometimes marketing headaches are a lot of fun 🙂