Yes, I said it: content writers and copywriters aren’t the same thing, don’t have the same requirements or goals, nor do they have to.

While some may go both ways, and some may even do it successfully, just cause you write content it doesn’t make you a content writer.

Copywriters have a focused goal of effectively delivering a message in quick or easy-to-digest formats, and in some cases, it isn’t just good copy, but it is great copy.

Content writers on the other hand expand beyond to cover a topic or subject theme with finer details, research, and the sort.

For example, a good copywriter gets your audience to open an email by subject line alone; a content writer will deliver the email as a whole to those who open it.

The two spill into each other’s areas left and right including the email above being written by a copywriter, or an experienced content writer achieving great opening rates for those emails. Yet it isn’t easy finding an individual who can do both successfully, as each is focused expertise in its own way.

And if you’re unsure which way to go, or maybe you’re looking for a broader (yet less focused) content direction, then your startup’s first marketing hire should actually be product marketing.

Figure out what you’re actually trying to achieve, urgency, and timetables, and then see which best answers your need: content writer, copywriter, or product marketer.