a narrow section of a road or a junction that impedes traffic flow.

– definition

Your team depends on you, awaiting your tasks, and your deliverables are an integral part of the process…

…so don’t hold them back.

It’s definitely ok to take your time to deliver quality results as part of a longer process, but you don’t want to delay the upcoming activity, launch, or whatever, as others depend on your input. It’s also worth noting that perfection is a killer, and sometimes less is even more, so you need to consider and decide what’s right for delivery (or not).

Your startup is extremely agile, that’s right, so your team is not necessarily one department or has one singular focus, and everyone is working on many things at the same time.

Still, it’s gotta run and, as all are busy doing their thing, the actual awaited deliverables are most likely part of a bigger project, with others requiring so to push forward. If your item is delayed, not submitted as needed, or is thrown together haphazardly, you’re harming the process, the team, and the possibility of success.

Now, of course, things are hectic and it isn’t always simple to deliver as promised…and that is why you need to prioritize, delegate, and be transparent with your team…to make sure you stay true to the course and keep moving forward.

Find your system, see how to it fits within the bigger process, and try to not become a bottleneck.

Remember, your team depends on you.