Content may be King, cause it rules our days and our lives.

We’re bombarded by content all the time: work and personal, emails and forms, stories and experiences, products and solutions, physical and digital, and so on.

We cannot avoid it, but if we’re the content writers or the copywriters, then we do have some say about how clear, concise, or valuable it is (or isn’t).

Some content we need to share about our startup’s value, or product features, or the solution’s background cannot really be short and must be in-depth. Such assets need to list every single step and must give you all the ins and outs to cover all angles of a product. It’s as if you detail all the different features available, so your audience may use it beyond their actual needs and may make your product or solution seem more worthwhile.

Like back in high-school English when we made our essays or papers longer than needed to make them look as if they included more research or value.

But quantity doesn’t equal quality.

…but I digress.

So why would our website, ads, presentations, and even product copy require our audience to read so much?

Can you easily explain What’s In It For Me? will they be able to take your explanation and clearly explain it to others? Is it simple enough to promote you outward?

Besides not having the time, your audience doesn’t want to read so much.

So please don’t make me read; tell me what I need to know quickly, clearly, and with as few words as possible.

By the way, it’s also why I have these moments 🙂