Change is the only constant in life.

– Heraclitus

It is absolutely amazing how well things are going one minute, and the next there’s a huge drop, and back up, and so on within the startup rollercoaster.

What can we do? Things are going to change, constantly, and we’ll have to make due, adapt, and embrace the pivot.

This pivot can be product-related due to signal (or noise) from your users, or may require messaging adaptation for improved focus, or perhaps it’s slight flexibility with your copy to better explain WTF your startup really does.

Whatever it may be, its aim is for a good cause; you’ve learned something about your business, your approach, your marketing, your product, your audience, or your value to realize a change is needed no matter how large (or flexible) it is.

And we always knew our message and copy won’t last forever, and we knew change will come, so we can now plan ahead and look out for change.

How fun 🙂