If you don’t have the right tools, then how do you expect to achieve the desired outcome?

Same with your message, copy, sales enablement process, and more.

The brief is there to ask a variety of broad and fine questions about your business to get a gist into the product, solution, market, audience, competition and differentiation, pains, claims, gains, and much more.

It provides a lot of details about your startup to help create a bigger (and clearer) picture of WTF your startup does, and fine-tune your message to be more appropriate to your direct audience.

If you disregard the brief, or you tell the person helping you that you will go over it together (instead of doing your homework and filling it out like a good kid), then you don’t understand how crucial it is to assist your startup.

Besides providing information about YOUR business, it can also highlight areas that have yet to be solved or inconsistencies among your co-founders, so it can help in more ways than you expect.

So do yourself a favor…just fill out the brief.