While we aim for greatness, we know that perfectionism can cripple and may also kill your productivity.

We want to release good products, launch successful campaigns, and inspire with some great copy, but it isn’t realistic, nor do we know what will be a hit right from the start, so we must be flexible.

There is a very easy process for this, and you really don’t need to go beyond the title, so I’ll say it again:

Get started first and then get better!

Whether it is launching an ad campaign, publishing your new website, releasing new features or product designs to the wild, or whatever activity you have in store…you need to start somewhere.

This same launch may prove to be a great success (or a complete dud), but the fact you started puts you in a direction you can learn and improve from.

It could be the feedback is so amazing you will understand what went right (or wrong), it could be the data spells out the areas to focus on, and it could be simply that nothing worked and you need to go back to the drawing table or say something differently; even the latter amounts to great feedback, understanding that what you have is simply not working.

…and it’s better to know something isn’t working quickly, rather than preparing and preparing and preparing, and only then realizing this…after wasting so much time (which you’ll never get back).