You’d like to tell me something, convey a message, and convince me to take some sort of action, don’t you?

So would you just get to the point already and easily tell me WIIFM?

We’re all busy individuals, so don’t make us read through seventeen pages just to realize whether your product or solution will solve our problem, or make us faster, stronger, or better.

It shouldn’t be so much work.

The more you simplify your message that it gets through quickly and easily, the more responses (or lack of) you will generate to realize if the message is right, focused and does the job.

You may write it all down and then edit once, twice, and more, so it is a more appropriate and digestible length for your readers to actually get through.

Heck, it likely won’t require seventeen pages, or ten, or even two. Perhaps one really good line can do the trick…depending on the action you want them to take, which could simply be to grab your audience’s attention.

So figure out what you really want to achieve, get it down on paper, and then cut it the heck down, so it only includes what is a must to relay the value to your reader.

Just get to the point already…my time is extremely valuable, and I have other things to do.