The journey isn’t always perfect, but always worth taking

Kara Goucher

We’ve got good days and bad days, and we keep going. We launch another campaign, take on a new project, write another post, set a new KPI, and basically must come up with more ways to support our ultimate need of spreading the word about our stunning product or solution.

…and the journey is definitely not always rosy…

…far from it.

But we can change our perspective and learn to accept it and have fun with it.

Since we can’t avoid all such tasks, and we can’t ignore their need, and we end up doing them anyway, then why not accept it at face value and try to enjoy it, or at least enjoy what we will learn from it?

We know that some will succeed, some will fail, and some will contribute to another marketing headache, but if we look at our personal and professional past, we know it will raise our level to new standards…especially with failure.

These journeys, whether they’re truly fun as we go through them or feel like another crisis, do help us in trying out new things. We keep on going and can experiment here and there, and we’re practically begged to fail fast while allowing us to feed our curiosity.

If looking from the sidelines, wouldn’t you say this is fun?

Well, they may not be at the moment, but looking back we do appreciate such difficulties, and mundane tasks, and see that we’ve gotten bigger, better, stronger, faster…

…and that is pretty fun to see, don’t you think?