Is the glass half empty or half full?

– Proverbial phrase

Marketing isn’t always a bed of roses and can be stressful, demanding, and raise more than a few headaches…

…but it does have its perks, cause it allows you to experiment, try out different things, and keep testing your hypotheses of how you think your audience will react.

Your efforts always attempt to: increase exposure, and traffic or visits to your sites and separate assets, and raise conversions, and installs, and acquire users, and…it never seems to end.

But marketing is your own vehicle to test out all your thoughts and ideas and see what works, and what doesn’t, and how people will react to a specific activity, or great copy, or whatever you throw at them.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you get just enough data to help make a decision forward…which may end up actually being: ‘we don’t have enough to make a conclusive decision’.

So marketing headaches can come about frequently, and you keep trying to solve them, simplify so you can multiply, and grow or let off steam to go on to the next campaign or effort or activity.

Knowing this cycle never ends can be frustrating, yet it could also be extremely freeing…proving to you it is just that: a cycle, and that we need to go through the motions to arrive at some sort of decision forward based on results. And it also tells you that you won’t be able to break it, so why not embrace it like a pivot, always trying out new things and ways to achieve your goal.

In other words, doesn’t this mean you have a license to have a lot of fun? doesn’t it demand you to try out new things and new ways?

…so don’t you think you’re actually pretty lucky in marketing?