When speaking to our ideal user or audience we’re hoping to convey that we understand their pain, understand what they’re going through, and understand what they actually need – pain relief.

If we’re truly successful, then we claim to provide a product or solution that will alleviate that pain, and convey their end gain, the feeling, added value, or expectation that they will generate when using our promised answer.

So what is our claim?

The claim is our actual product or solution. It is actually the middle part of the message that isn’t as much ‘copy’ as the pain and gain, cause it is actually about stating what the offering is…a unified dashboard, an email assistant, an electric car, a package of sliced bread…

Many would see the claim as the dryest part of the messaging process and likely view so as the easiest to cover, which is partly true…

Yes, you need only state your product, solution, and offering, but even that needs to be understood and clearly relay WTF you actually do.

You cannot go around simply throwing words out there such as ‘ultra-hyper-multi-level-super-retargeting solution’, cause then your audience will still get confused and immediately wonder what does that even mean.

Simplify your message, and then multiply.