Hi {Name}, I hope this email finds you well

– Generic, “Meh”, email introduction

This isn’t just an optimization question, rather a proposition to better empathize with your users.

We don’t know when we’re going to meet them or the exact location, but we can prepare a better welcome…in case we do meet them here, or there, or everywhere.

Are you speaking to them at work, at home, or perhaps when they’re working from home? Are they shopping online, or catching up on some funny cat videos, or searching for a specific answer to a problem they’re encountering? right now or later?

There are tons of possibilities of how we will meet our audience, and where, and when, and how they will feel at that exact moment.

But if we ask ourselves a few questions, empathize with their possible state, and better assess the plausible scenario, we can adapt our approach, our copy, or tactic.

Retargeting, remarketing, etc… just cause someone searches for something, doesn’t mean the relevant ad is appropriate at all times or locations; sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down, sometimes we’re imposters, and sometimes just because that ad is ‘personalized’ it doesn’t make it appropriate.

So prior to your next activity, try to put yourself in your audience’s shoes of when they will actually see that activity and adapt your approach to strike up the conversation respectively.