People are people, devs are people too, and your target market is made out of a real audience made of real people.

So do you plan on talking to them? What is your approach? What lingo will you use?

Will you take a formal stance, or become extremely technical, or take a fun and/or funny approach, simple and down-to-earth, buzzword friendly, or…?

Of course, it depends on your audience, but you need to take more than a minute and figure a few things out such as: what is their motivation and adapt a message type appropriate for them.

But even once you have the right message, clearly pointing out the pain and end gain, you still need to think of the approach they would be open to.

It could be the formal approach will provide a professional feel and be accepted by them; or it could be a simple, straightforward, and down-to-earth way is what will resonate; or it could be that their work lives are extremely technical, dry, and somewhat rigid, so a few funny lines and laughs would grab their full attention, and sprinkling a little humor on their pain would be the way to go.

So similar to walking in their shoes, you need to attempt and figure out which approach will grab their eyeballs, their attention, and get them to take action.

Heck, they may not be wearing any shoes at all, which may be another signal of what kind of approach would fit best.

Worst comes to worst…experiment with a few approaches, and with the right signals…you can adapt accordingly.