Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining’ to do!

Ricky Ricardo, I Love Lucy (note, the above has been deemed a misquote)

Is your solution clear enough for a user to explain to a teammate? How simple is it for the person you meet on the elevator to convey your value outward? Would your product’s pitch pass the Mommy test?

Founders believe that if they understand their startup’s value proposition, then it is clear. Unfortunately, they’re not the ones who need to have a clear understanding of the value proposition, rather their audience does.

Your audience is more powerful than simply being a user; they are your ambassadors, your biggest fans, your evangelists. If the value is easy to explain, then they sell it forward, recommend it to a contact, or even pitch it to their manager which will only help your growth efforts.

Think of it as a passive growth tactic that is easy to measure and realize – one where you simplify and multiply.

So just like when we were kids repeating something back to our parents to show we’ve listened, here you can see if your prospect can explain your value back to you. If they can, then it is understood, clear, and simple enough. If they can’t, or it is rather off, then you’ve got some work in front of you.

And it is so worth having others promote you; nothing beats word-of-mouth.