We have so many expectations, assumptions, and beliefs of how things will go, and how our audience will flock to our product, and how we have all the answers.

But we’re wrong.

Our experience and our data definitely help shape our decisions and reasoning, but it doesn’t mean we know exactly what will hit (or not). Heck, the biggest companies in the world still (and will continuously) struggle with this, even though they have really deep pockets, loyal fanbases, and well-oiled marketing machines.

We have to let go of our preconceived notions, which we also learn of within our personal lives as we grow and mature. We must allow ourselves to approach with a beginner’s mind to learn new ways, listen for signals (or noises) to hear new things we haven’t before, and try out new directions which may become a beacon of success (or painful memory of failure).

But this is the life of a marketer…some is a given, some is the day-to-day, and some is just continuous experiments to decipher new ways and make a bigger dent.

So sometimes you need to let go of knowing it all and you will see there are new opportunities you haven’t noticed before or possibilities to help simplify, so you can multiply :).