Not long ago (slightly over 30 days), I challenged myself to begin a daily writing habit for 30 straight days.

What ended up was a collection of mini-posts, or as I like to call them “Moments”, covering messaging, copywriting, and sales enablement in different angles, thoughts, and quick opinions.

In my humble opinion, my personal trial was completed successfully.

While I would honestly say my short posts are far from perfect, after years of writing for others in one form or another, be it copy, emails, decks, blog posts, ghostwriting, interviews, and more…I finally wrote for myself.

So what’s next for TheProductive?

I do not want this streak to stop, for it got me going, created a little habit, and it was actually a lot of fun…hopefully will continue like so.

We could expect these mini-moments will proceed covering what we’ve been accustomed to, but I am looking to venture into other writing areas:

  • Interviews: with friends, professional contacts, ex-colleagues, and even clients. I think we will cover their opinions and thoughts on these subjects, what stands out for them in this world, and various anecdotes worth sharing
  • Mommy pitches: for those familiar with the Mommy test, I will attempt to cover various startups that come across my radar (or in front of me personally) in laymen terms that may not be a fit for their audience but simplify their value, so my Mom will understand what they do…interesting AND fun.
  • Various WINS: not necessarily my own, rather items, copy, and marketing that I personally consider as wins, including promotions, ads, videos, explanations, or whatever stood out and displayed the power of creativity in a fun, practical, and beneficial way (to each its own).
  • Other shorties: I’ve always wanted to write short stories, whether fiction or non-fiction, yet I am not yet certain how it fits here. (Thought In Progress)
  • And of course…anyone who is actually reading this and has ideas, recommendations, or other directions I should attempt…by all means, let me know 🙂

Thank you for reading,