Have you realized there is always more we can learn?

We go to a lecture, we watch a video, we listen to a podcast, we consult with a friend or a colleague, and we can always take something away that will teach us something in one way or another.

Isn’t it grand?!

You even listen to speakers that state so, and they recommend a book that helped them see another way that brought them to solve a certain problem, or they heard something that helped them cope with another crisis, or…you get the drift.

It isn’t that we need to look for an educational aspect in our everyday life, it’s just that we need to know it’s there and we can learn something from it (or not).

Being open to not knowing it all is extremely freeing – you don’t need to fear NOT being the smartest person in the room, cause you aren’t. You may know more about this or that, and another person knows more or has more experience in that and this.

There is nothing wrong with it – it’s the actual opposite.

We can soak up more info, more feedback, more knowledge, which helps us adapt and adjust and look at things in a different light that simply helps us grow and improve.

…and at the end (or the process), our improvement helps bring more value to others with better reasoning, data, experience, and knowledge to explain it forward.

Don’t fear not having all the answers but be excited about having the ability to get them…on your own or from others – keep asking questions, keep digging, and have a beginner’s mind approach to feed your curiosity.

The learning never stops – so always be learning!