There’s a place you’ve got to go for learning | all you want to know about the facts of life

– The Facts of Life theme

If we dig deeper, we’re bound to find more information, another direction, and even a better answer to the dilemma we may be facing.

We may already be working toward a solution, or we may already have one in place, yet if we dig a bit deeper we may not only come up with a better solution but generate new seeds for extraordinary directions or new ideas.

Embrace the ongoing search and additional ‘why’; allow yourself to get lost in the problem and peel another layer; let yourself go and observe the newfound insight.

We can easily accept the first answer that arises and decide that is the way to go, but we can also peel another layer, arrive at something new, and possibly come up with another answer to suffice.

And then we can decide to keep it or to peel another layer off of that onion to learn something we’ve already known, or to learn something new.

And another layer, and another layer, and another layer.

It’s up to you how much you want to dig and whether you have fun with it but be aware there is always another layer you can peel, a new direction you can take, and more you could create.

It depends on how deep you want to go; how much time and patience you have; and how curious you are.

Just be open to peel another layer and possibly the one after.