I am sure you’re brilliant, and you have amazing ideas, and you can rock and roll like there’s no tomorrow, but others around you can contribute, nurture, and take some of your thoughts and grow them into something extraordinary.

Just like we don’t know what will hit or where great copy will come from, we can’t be sure which seed will grow into an unbelievable idea, which will evolve into an amazing direction, and which will be executed into a successful activity, campaign, copy, and more.

Let go to grow, sharing your ideas with those closest to you, and then some.

Plant that seed, that idea, and that thought, and feed the curiosity, letting it brew in someone else’s mind. Let them think about it, have it pop up when they’re watching TV or reading a post, and let them adjust, mutate, and sculpt it into another idea…which can be used or planted for further growth.

Sometimes it can evolve into something beautiful in a second, and sometimes it will take time, more knowledge or maturity, a better understanding of the landscape or limitations, or simply another person to see your idea or thought as something else.

Beautiful things can arise if you talk to your peers, employees, management, colleagues, mentors, and more.

…you just got to keep planting seeds.