As a startup is formed and attempts to get its footing, it develops its product or solution on one hand, and on the other hand attempts to gather users (alpha or beta), design partners, collaborators, preliminary clients, and even potential investors on board.

Yet without having separate departments or silos handling product, marketing, or sales, as well as not necessarily completely clear of your benefits (let alone features), how do you support the preliminary sales process effectively?

Sales enablement that is!

Sales enablement is a process that usually involves marketing and sales to create material to aid the sales process. In the startup world, it’s more of a support group (or individual), as it dynamically generates content (not a content writer), updates and iterates the material, and adapts to changing needs on a daily basis to present your value to potential audience…be it the users, investors, design partners, or others listed above (and beyond).

Depending on the stage of your startup, this either falls on the CEO (and supporting members) or hopefully, you can hire your first product marketer to support this dire need.

In short, it helps you squeeze out the value from product to marketing to sales enablement.