KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid

Why do we need to complicate things to make them sound more worthwhile or innovative?

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t it be simple to explain what something actually means?

Things can be much simpler and easier to understand, making it much quicker to duplicate, grow, and resonate with your audience.

Same with our message, our copy, and our value proposition.

If we’re able to simplify what makes us so great, then it would be easier for a prospect, a user, and our audience to understand our value, remember it, and even pay it forward…simply…and convey it to another, helping us grow in the process.

Yet sometimes we go for big words, difficult vocabulary, and complex explanations that make us feel we’re better or more technologically oriented, but in fact, are understood by fewer individuals.

If our words and message are easy enough for an 8th grader to understand, then a 9th grader or above will certainly understand as well. If our message passes the Mommy test, then it means we can always dig deeper and explain with more or less detail to whoever we’re really talking to.

So in short, you need to imagine talking to a real person and avoid complicating things beyond their need.