You stare at it, are intimidated by it, and aren’t interested in anything but making it ‘not blank’.

If you’ve read a few or more of my previous posts, then you likely ran across some that didn’t make sense, or weren’t written so well, or had you wonder what that even means.

I get it, it happens, and at least they didn’t take long to read nor wasted a lot of your time…just a few quick moments.

Sometimes I stare at that blank page, and I have an idea I’d like to expand on, a direction to share, or a thought I must jot down. It doesn’t necessarily evolve into a full-fledged post, a quick moment, or anything at all.

And sometimes, I end up liking what it ended up as even though it isn’t the best work, cause it is still a thought, a share, an idea that I’d like to have out there.

You could say it is for me only, or it is part of a daily habit, or that it is a slight diary decided to be public.

But in reality, it is an ongoing process to keep me writing, to keep ideas flowing, and to enable me to change, improve, and keep going back to that blank page and overcome it by making it ‘not blank’ over and over again.

I know it isn’t always the best quality, and I know it is sometimes nonsensical, and I do truly feel like an imposter here and there, but the process itself, the progress I am going through, and the evolution taking place is priceless for me.


Cause at least I am writing, and at least I am not breaking the chain, and I do actually hope it will improve, and grow, and expand to other writings, to more intimate memories, to short stories, to funnier moments, and better outcomes – for me, for you, for anybody.

Could happen, or not, or I may end up stopping these moments altogether.

But until then, the above is another improvised post that is an honest ramble that ended up putting a smile on my face 🙂