It’s always good to plan ahead, prepare for that next campaign, activity, or project, and try to get your ducks in a row…

…but we know it won’t end up as planned – it never does.

That certain promotion didn’t hit as we thought, and that one last-minute, thrown-together ad campaign ended up so successful, and we cannot explain the logic behind either.

That’s the life of marketing – ain’t it grand?!

But while we can’t explain it, we can learn from it, and realize over and over again why flexibility is key, and we need to get started asap …and then get better.

At the end of the day, we’re hoping to achieve a certain goal and it’s either we hit it, or we didn’t, and we adjust our efforts accordingly to either rinse and repeat, or shake off the loss and try again.

We study what happened, we ask questions, we speak to our users, and we research and keep digging to learn new things, find out more about our audience, discuss what or why it had worked, and implement our findings in the next activity (or not).

So don’t stop planning, but just don’t expect it to pan out as you planned.

…cause it won’t 🙂