Well done on your last campaign; it was a huge success.

Same with your message, your website copy, your sales deck, your explainer video, your banners, your…

Simply put…great job!

It is awesome to see things working out well, but let’s just understand that just like any crisis won’t be the last, the same goes for successful and positive results.

Yes, you’ve done everything right, be proud of yourself and pat yourself on the back, but like great copy, this too won’t last forever.

Soon you will be running another campaign, and it may or may not be successful.

You will create an additional video to promote, and it too may bring in the desired results, or it may end up being a dud.

…and so forth.

With each new activity, we listen to new signals and noises, gather more data and details, and work towards the next step, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we know exactly what will hit.

We can plan all we want and expect or hope for a certain outcome, yet it won’t necessarily work out just like we wanted.

And that is ok, and known, and is simply a part of marketing.

This is not to bring you down, rather make sure you’re realistic.

Look on the bright side, everyone goes through this – Yes, your problems aren’t unique.