I found a cure for the plague of the 20th century, and now I’ve lost it.

– Dr. Robert Campbell (Sean Connery), Medicine Man

We have an amazing idea, one that we think is so good it’s as if we’re solving world hunger, and as we play with it in our head, and sculpt it, and admire it…we lose it.

Where did it go? it was just here, and now it’s gone.

It happens to the best of us – all too often.

Some of these ideas are nonsense, yet some are keepers which we could possibly benefit from, so it’s unfortunate to lose such valuable thoughts.

So first of all, we need to get these thoughts down on paper. Write them down as they arise, scribble something down, make a note, and make sense of it at a separate time…just to have a record to revisit at some time.

Secondly, where relevant, share it with your colleagues and plant the seed. You never know what will hit, you have no idea how it will be understood, what it will trigger, and whether they can nurture that seed into something extraordinary.

And third, revisit those ideas (and notes). Find some time to read them over, make sense of the nonsense, expand a bit more, brainstorm with yourself and others, and bring upon more ideas and thoughts.

Simple right?

And this process as a whole? try to make it a habit…it will bring about so many new directions, solutions, and amazing stuff.