If you have it all and hoard it without sharing, then it’s as if you have nothing.

Throughout your life, you will come across many chances to be generous with others in ways that would make no harmful impact on yourself; seize such opportunities, cause such small gestures can make a huge difference for another, and they will also contribute to your own wealth-being đŸ™‚

Share your wealth of knowledge with someone who is less knowledgeable; show them the ropes, consult with them in areas of interest, and teach them ways to arrive at the answers they seek.

Share your wealth by giving that delivery guy/gal a few extra than you would normally – those few extra dollars would make no dent for you whatsoever, yet are a godsend for them.

Share your caring with someone without the need to receive so in return, and the gesture would make such an impact for you and them.

Just a few weeks ago, my eight-year-old son sent a voice message to a friend who has been absent due to illness; nothing serious, but he hasn’t been in class for more than a few days. The message sent lifted the friend’s spirit, as well as my son’s. And just a minute later he received a warm message back that made my son feel so warm and happy he said so aloud.

He didn’t do it for the likes, or the retweets, or the comments, or for the engagement…he did it cause it was a nice gesture, caring, and he was being generous with his feelings.

Besides, karma does have it place, and it’s like the golden rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Be generous, and you will receive so in return.