All’s well if all ends well

– William Shakespeare

Yes, he said he would do this and that, and he didn’t deliver.

Right, she was supposed to update you on that and this, and you haven’t heard back.

True, the deadline is coming up, and it feels like neither he nor she even gives a shit.

First of all, breathe, cause it’s never the end of the world. Things are hectic, and they don’t usually go as planned, and with so many players, it would take a miracle to complete on time and deliver quality results anyways.

Yet it seems that 9 out of 10 times we still do end up making it…and making it well 🙂

Anyways, blaming your colleagues, or friends, or service providers, or whoever is involved isn’t the solution. Pointing the finger this way and that won’t improve the quality, won’t help you get it out any faster, and won’t actually help the cause…

…it would likely do the opposite: less teamwork, lower quality, postponed timetables, and almost a guarantee next time won’t be any better…if there will be a next time.

While a lower than expected outcome may be due to others’ lack of participation or contribution, or someone else’s fault, the blame game won’t add real value.

Avoid the blame game and retrospect with them afterward, discussing what went well, what didn’t go well, and what can be done to improve the result the next time around.

But stop pointing the fingers, it never ends well.