Clarify your value across your product, marketing, and sales

Hi there, I’m Eran Abramson, a hands-on creative helping founders convey their value, so it is obvious and differentiates them from the competition. 

Through messaging, copywriting, sales enablement, and discussions, we distill their greatness into clear language to help expose, promote, and sell. 

And with 20+ years in marketing, I’ve served many industries including Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Tech, Dev Tools, Retail, Travel, Education, Supply Chain, and more, so I can certainly help you :).

A few notable clients…

Eran can translate technical specs and founders’ ideas into marketing gold, and doesn’t rest until the message is clear and down-to-earth

Oded Avital, CRO of TeraSky

Eran has a way with words, being able to simplify complex items, come up with creative copy, and positively contribute in non-marketing areas such as sales, investment decks, and customer success material

Alon Maimoni, VP Marketing of Komodor

Even without domain expertise, Eran quickly grasps complex ideas and technologies he then articulates into effective messaging and copy. He’s responsive, professional, and caring, which is felt in the deliverables, team dynamics, and results

David (Dudi) BenDavid, CEO of Tensorleap

Eran has proven to be a great partner to work with and an integral part of our marketing efforts for over 3 years, continually helping with great copy, creative problem-solving, investor decks, product marketing and sales collateral, and so much more

Nevo Alva, CEO of Acumen


Decipher your value proposition and translate it into straightforward and clear messaging for your audiences

  • Ongoing interviews, brainstorming, and problem-solving sessions with founders and relevant stakeholders in order to understand your greatness, differentiation, and actual benefits (vs. features)
  • Pinpoint your audience’s real pains, your product/solution’s claims, as well as your users’ true end gains
  • Appropriate your message internally for your teams, externally for potential users, and in between for investors, the board, or advisors 
  • Iterate and fine-tune your company’s value proposition, so it is confirmed, usable, and consistent across the board


Adapt your message into persuasive and powerful copy across product, marketing, and sales material

  • Web: website, solutions, landing pages
  • Social: make your voice heard throughout your channels 
  • Promotional: ads, banners, emails, and additional material
  • New media: share your thoughts, people, and culture in different means, interviews, and branding
  • Collateral: one-pagers, use-cases / case studies, explainer videos, etc.
  • Decks: investment, sales, pitches, training, and more
  • Events: blurbs and descriptions, rollups and supportive material, registrations, and preparations
  • Others: highlights, summaries, and miscellaneous items


An ongoing and intimate process for founders to gain valuable insights to build, grow, and push from thanks to continuous discussions, feedback, ideation, brainstorming, as well as a healthy dose of friction.

  • Continuous messaging fine-tuning per changing landscape, usability feedback, various insights, and market trends
  • Ad-hoc meetings and CEO confessions to understand business challenges, arising issues, and dynamic needs
  • Ongoing updates, comments, thoughts, creative ideas, and industry revelations based on market changes, company material, and data
  • External market resources, influencers, and validators for additional external insights, feedback, and ideas