Jealous: feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages

– definition

Whether we’d like to admit it, we can get a little jealous of friends, colleagues, and others’ achievements.

While in certain instances some honest jealousy is good for competition or building up your drive, it doesn’t feel to be injecting the experiences with positivity. I mean, if we look at it from the side, we shouldn’t be jealous of our friends and colleagues, and we should appreciate and value their achievements.

Shouldn’t we?

In many such cases, their wins will trickle to us as well, and as they gain more experiences and knowledge, we will as well. Also, wouldn’t a colleague’s win also mean a win for us in one way or another? Of course, should they beat you over a certain project, then it won’t necessarily feel like a win, but perhaps their offering or solution is actually the better one.

So in turn, you need to appreciate others’ wins and see what you can gain out of them. Appreciating such wins will allow you to better reflect on your loss, on their process, on what brought on the win, on the hard work, and on thousands of other things that brought this win about. And of course, we will also clearly realize that it isn’t really the end of the world

And if instead, we choose jealousy, then we won’t look at the positives we can take away and will just get down and out on ourselves and how we’re missing this thing or that, or what we could have done different, or why we would be better, or…whatever else our jealous minds tell us.

Both ways will allow you to reflect on the other’s win, but with appreciation comes positivity and respect, and a more welcoming approach to get better ourselves.

And we know we can’t always win, can we? we win some and we lose some, that’s the story 🙂