Not everything, but you should definitely get some of those thoughts down.

It could be just an idea, or a cool observation, or perhaps a model you’re tinkering with which may solve a business dilemma or whatever…

…you gotta get it down on paper.

It may mean nothing, it may never be looked at again, or it may not even make any sense, but the act of writing it down will grant it a breath of life.

Who knows, that one funny thought may grow up into a funny sketch, or perhaps that observation will become a joke or a scene, or even a newly planted seed for further research, and a cool post will come out of it…

…or nothing, which is also an option – and that’s OK!

But you don’t want it to get lost and never to be heard from again.

Of course, not all need to be written, but some of those thoughts that run through our heads are really something. Heck, some of those ideas can make us laugh to ourselves, in disbelief yet with pride 🙂

And if the time permits and the interest arises, and the seed is nurtured…it will lead to a new post, or a solution, or to another thought…

…which you should get down on paper (or not).