Growing, improving, succeeding…it isn’t easy, or everyone would do it 🙂

We will go through ups and downs, failures and successes, and boring and exciting activities, and we likely always have a choice whether to do that thing we need to or not.

And every single time, it will be much easier not to do that thing.

It would be easier not to exercise, it would be easier not to study, it would be easier not to run that campaign, and it would be easier not to write this post…

…always easier not to do whatever it is we need to do.

And sometimes we will choose not to go ahead as planned, and sometimes we will go against all odds.

But if we push ourselves to do those things anyway for better or for worse, then we’ll be forming a habit we could improve upon.

…and then we’d be looking back and be proud of our steps, our achievements, and all those times we didn’t do what was easier but did what was necessary.