You’ll never know if you don’t ask

Asking questions is a part of our nature and a way to grow.

We need to ask questions to expand our knowledge, get an answer to a problem, arrive at new ways of thought, get another opinion on a particular viewpoint, and it is also a natural part of having a good conversation.

Still, many don’t utilize this inherent ability due to many possible reasons: they’re shy, self-conscious, don’t want to be viewed in a certain way, don’t get a chance to ask, apprehensive, or maybe they don’t even know what to ask.

But asking questions is so much more than just arriving at an answer, it is a communication mean to always be learning, to feed your curiosity, to hear someone else’s story, and to expand your horizons.

Yes, sounds like a lot for just asking questions, but questions do have so much potential.

When done right, questions open up someone’s memory to reveal an intimate story, to recall a particular event, or to take you on a journey that has the potential to both answer the actual question as well as go in a direction you haven’t imagined. You get a chance to listen to someone else, to learn something new, to hear another viewpoint, and to go into a place that wasn’t visible just a minute ago.

Yet not every question opens such a doorway; some questions will just receive their answer and never go beyond.

So you need to become a professional question-asker, and to do that you need to practice and be interested.

Practice by asking a ton of various questions and trying out different things to move away from just a Q & A into an actual conversation. And be interested in the other person, because beyond answering your questions they’d be more willing to chat, expand, and share things not found in a simple answer.

Becoming a professional question-asker isn’t just a tool for knowledge, but it could be a lot of fun and simply makes things so much more interesting.