ABC. “A”, always. “B”, be. “C”, closing. ALWAYS BE CLOSING. Always be closing.

– Blake, Glengarry Glen Ross

You know more today than you did yesterday, a year ago, ten years ago…and so on.

We keep learning as we progress, overcome failures, achieve successes, and simply keep on trucking.

But besides growing as we progress, we need a mindset that encourages us to keep learning and keep figuring things out, and expecting that even when things don’t go as planned, we accept it and understand it’s a learning process and will actually work in our favor.

Now, this inherent learning process isn’t always fun due to stress, deadlines, expectations, and more, but with the proper mindset, and the power of others, we can move on from mistakes much quicker and have a fail-fast mentality to get the insights quicker and be able to proceed and move on to bigger and better things.

Knowing this ahead of time helps us expect things that don’t go our way and remain open and curious to ask ‘Why?’ more times than we need, try new things, and accept new failures as just another step in our journey…personally and professionally.

And you know this is true, cause if you look back, you can see that you’ve grown immensely, have risen to new standards, and are much more competent than you were in the past. Heck, you’re simply better than you were, knowing a lot more about this and that, as well as how to approach various obstacles with much more maturity and less stress.

So expect the mistakes, appreciate the failures, and always look for mentors along the way to help you see things in a different light, learn from them, and grow and improve.