So you’ve researched, constructed, and created beautiful copy for your…website, ads, landing pages, or whatever other asset.

Are you good to go, or can it be improved to great copy?

I am all for failing fast, launching and assessing results, and continuously updating, changing, and optimizing for a better outcome, but your first version should not be just thrown together.

Take a look at your copy once or twice over, read it out loud, and see if it rolls off your tongue or breaks your teeth. Does your copy convey the message you’ve aimed for, does it easily explain WTF your startup does, or simply check off the task at hand?

It is likely your first draft can be improved, and after hearing what it sounds like to yourself, check if anything can be reworded differently for improved delivery.

Can any word, phrase, statement, or sentence be restructured, reworded, or amended?

Read it out loud again and see if anything can be said differently to make your copy sound softer, or more professional, or appeasing, or fearful, or happy, or empathetic, or actionable, or whatever is needed to help your copy achieve the goal you’re aiming for.

To sum up, words have meaning, and two similar meaning words may be perceived much differently and gain a completely different result.

So saying something different is definitely worth a try.