With so much tech innovation and creative ideas, the majority of startups still leave us with a ‘WTF do you do‘ taste in our mouths.

The site may be dazzling in its design, structured well, and written beautifully, yet in terms of understanding why their product or solution is a must-have or what it even means…well, go figure.

This is a common problem beyond the startup ecosystem, yet it is very frequent in this arena as well as very unfortunate; as startups have limited resources, time, and business opportunities, if the message doesn’t convey the value clearly and quickly, well then, you’re really hitting your head against the wall.

So as you’re working on the thousands of things a startup requires, always keep in mind if you can actually answer WTF your startup actually does, can you really explain it to a stranger on an elevator clearly and concisely, can that same person turn around and quickly explain your value to a stranger within their own circle?

That’s the ticket!

If your value is understood well enough that it is clear and can be repeated by bystanders to others…well then, you’ve clarified your message and conveyed your value.

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