So you’ve decided to make your first marketing hire – congratulations and good luck.

Now comes the more difficult decision: What type of marketer do you want? what kind of marketing do you need? where would you get the best return on investment?

Well, you should begin by getting yourself a worthwhile product marketer. That’s the ticket.

Product marketing is not an easy position to fill, yet it helps relay the greatness of your product to your audience, which is critically important…especially in the beginning.

Relaying your product specs and features in understandable text and content will help bring in new users, convince design partners to get on board, and assist with business development and collaboration initiatives – to put it simply, product marketing aids in relaying your message externally. In other words, they will help with sales enablement and turning your product specs into marketing gold.

Now a product marketer is not necessarily a great copywriter, but they expose your product or solution in ways that your technical co-founder or your product manager cannot.

In addition, other marketing positions to help with promotion, design, growth, analytics, or web are easier to come by as freelancers or part-timers, while a good product marketer is not, nor will you gain the same benefit with someone not in touch with your product on a daily basis.

And of course, great information from a product marketer will only aid in the success of other marketing efforts or getting your kids excited about pizza.