Sometimes we simply hit a wall and need to walk away for a few…

…minutes, hours, days…

We’re faced with a problem we can’t wrap our head around, a challenge we can’t seem to solve, an issue we don’t know how to get out of, and the most important thing we want is to find the answer.

So we work at it some more, and we think harder, and we research additional directions, and those are all great means to arrive at a solution…

…but we’ve been at it for ‘like forever’, and it doesn’t seem to budge at all.

Take a breather.

But we can’t go for a breather, cause time is of the essence, deadlines are coming up, and we’ve got so much more to do.

Take a breather.

But we can’t afford to take a break. I got this thing and that, and what’s his name on my back, and my boss asking when, and my…

Take a breather.

At a time of stress and crises, the last thing we feel could help us is walking away from the problem at hand, but many times this ends up being the best thing for us and could end up being fun 🙂

There have been numerous times I was stuck, frustrated, and lost for words, patience, and desire, yet walking away proved to be the best thing for me; I was able to look at other stuff, think in other ways, and my mind wasn’t just seeing what was in front of me but noticed different shapes, angles, and directions I was aware of but was unable to conjure beforehand.

I took a breather, walked away for just a few, and was able to put all the pieces together.

Sometimes the most difficult thing is to let go and take a breather, yet could prove to be the best thing for you.