Liar liar pants on fire!

I’m an imposter, you’re an imposter, we’re all imposters.

I cannot really speak for anyone else, but the imposter syndrome is something I continually struggle with.

No matter the years of experience, the positive feedback, or the bottom line success or results, I cannot shake the fact that I will be found out soon…and soon never comes 😉

While there are TED talks, books, and proven how-tos to try to combat this unavoidable syndrome, I kind of just gave up attempting to get rid of it and actually try to simply ignore it. I also try to see a positive in it, such as making me approach new projects with a beginner’s mind, and not a ‘know-it-all’.

I’m already aware that I have no clue what will hit and know that success in any new campaign or project won’t arrive from the get-go, so I focus on getting started first, then getting better.

It’s the only way to go.

Also, the more I actually share that I feel like an imposter here and there, others chime in unison already confessing of their own struggles.

Knowing others suffer the same, each in their respective industry, position, and lives doesn’t remove the issue or thought, but it does help normalize and cope with it.

In the end, we are not alone.