Can you create a one-pager? I mean a one-page website? I mean a landing page and a pamphlet? I mean…

C’mon now, what do you really want?

But before that, what do you need it for? What are you actually trying to achieve?

Don’t just create assets for the sake of creating them, feeling busy, and checking off tasks. Between you and me, neither of us really know what will hit anyways, so…

…have a reason or a goal behind, and then determine the best method (channel, tool, solution, etc.) to help you achieve that goal within your restrictions, timetables, budget constraints, resources, personnel, availability, and more.

…and let’s not forget about priority and urgency, so you can understand if it is even something you should be spending time on at this exact moment.

At the end of the day, you have a certain goal you want to get done: generate leads, acquire users, brand awareness, educate your audience, or whatever else is within your pipeline. Based on these needs, you can plan ahead much more appropriately on whether you need a website, or a straightforward landing page, or both, or perhaps neither will get you closer to your goal.

So take a minute, see what you really need, involve a few peers in the process (if needed), and then decide. Once decided, get started fast, and then improve 🙂