Really quick background: ‘Yes, and’ is an approach within improvisational comedy to keep the story moving forward; instead of blocking a partner’s idea or conversational dialogue, you agree (to whatever crazy statement or phrase you just heard) and build on top of it, and so do they.

While the beginner’s mind approach is something that should be frequently embraced, the Yes, and approach will help you develop into directions you may rationally have kept away from before.

Letting ideas flow and build beyond may not often end up with a specific direction that can be packaged and developed as is, yet it will help you both play with the concept, as well as help you improvise to great copy and amazing ideas – some ideas may only be keepers, and some may end up being developed into your next creative campaign, your next hilarious promotional video, or it may just plant a seed for something you will end up working toward in the far future.

So adding some improv, as well as improv concepts within your marketing could prove extremely beneficial: you never know what will hit, and you never know where great copy will come from, so having an open dialogue that you are knowingly embracing, accepting, and tacking more on top to keep the story going will take you out of a comfort zone, allow you to collaborate and hear others out, and end up being a lot of fun…hopefully.

Try it out in your next brainstorming session, starting with only one line and allowing it to grow, expand, and build into something you couldn’t have imagined before.

Even if your next viral video won’t come out of it (for now), you will get your brain and team moving – and have fun while at it.