Everyone is motivated by one thing or another and will take an action if that motivation is met appropriately.

So what will motivate your audience to leave their details? what will get them to install your application? what pain will you alleviate that will provide them the greatest gain?

This may be very straightforward, or it may require digging, and you may even realize that your audience is driven by different motivations…different positions, different pains, different aspirations…

…that may simply require you to pitch the same value, yet say it differently to the different audiences.

So take a step back, imagine walking in their shoes, and see how it makes you feel and empathize with your users to understand what they’re really going through at work, what is the issue that bothers them (a little and a lot), and what offer will get their eyes to open up and lean forward in their chairs.

What would interest them in finding out more because it provides plausible hope of helping them get better: better at work, better at completing their tasks, better at achieving their goals, better at what they need.

What will motivate them to take that extra step, in hopes the change, attempt, or button click will open up a new, more positive outlook.

While at it, realize what will motivate you to avoid perfectionism, and just get started prior to getting better?