It’s brilliant!

Users will absolutely love it!

We could build so many things with it!

That idea you came up with is stunning and could lead to so many great things…

…but at this exact moment…

…it’s a keeper, not a doer.

Ideas come and go; we have amazing ideas every single day which may be related to our startup, related to a visionary future, or perhaps they’re just there to inspire us in one form or another to come up with more appropriate and executable ideas.

In other words, they may not actually help us achieve what we’re aiming to achieve…

…at this exact moment.

Not all ideas need to be executed or fit within your plan. Some sound really fun yet prove to be something nice to have and not a must-have.

Just because you thought of something extraordinary, it doesn’t mean it will be a certain hit, or it fits within your process or is even doable.

…and sometimes you will need to let it go in order to grow…

…but it may be a keeper.

It is definitely awesome, but it doesn’t work along with everything else that needs to be done, and that is absolutely OK. It may brew, adapt, and change to something different in time to become something that does need to be executed.

But until then…write it down, hold on to it, place it in your drawer, and let it grow.