We’ve heard many times how delivering the right message is crucial to reach the desired results, but why is that?

The simple answer is that if you don’t deliver the right message, then you aren’t conveying your value correctly, and you’re basically not reaching the right audience…and that burns time, money, and patience (for you, your team, your partners, and more).

Inappropriately explaining WTF your startup does attracts audiences that may (or may not) be appropriate for your business, your goals, or your wishes.

…and it can go further downhill from there…

You generate irrelevant leads, which lead to unfitting expectations, which lead to unhelpful feedback, which lead to wasted money and marketing efforts, which at the end of the day burn a ton of your time and money…crucial resources for any startup.

By crafting the right message, you’re exposing your product and solution correctly (or close to), so any feedback (good or bad) provides you valuable information to progress and improve with…even if your idea is bad.

With such feedback, you can actually understand from the right audience what needs to be fixed or upgraded, or added in your activities: product, marketing, sales, and more.

To sum up, the wrong message will generate undesired results, will burn a hole in your pocket, and will waste your time; the right message will build a much stronger foundation to build upon, generating you the data you seek for growth.