Whether you’re fresh in the field or a veteran, finding different mentors to accompany or help guide you at different stages is beneficial no matter your age.

There is so much we can learn from others’ experiences and outlooks which is absolutely priceless.

It isn’t the same as simply learning something new or involving a peer but having an individual that is a bit more supportive, provides more intimate feedback, and helps direct you in ways of thought and consideration you haven’t realized or haven’t had the capability to.

Having a mentor makes you appreciate NOT being the smartest person in the room, knowing you will actually gain a lot of insight from the other intelligent participants.

It is having an experienced individual that is aware of how to cope with crisis after crisis, showing you that your problems aren’t unique and that a lot of fun can be had with headaches.

It is like playing a sports match with someone that is clearly better and more experienced, but even though you’ll likely end up losing the score…you’ll be getting better and improving with each new match.

With that, it also means that as you improve, you can outgrow a mentor, and they aren’t necessarily forever; you will meet new individuals, work with more professionals, and end up being mentored (knowingly or not) by new mentors throughout your career and lifetime.

Being mentored will absolutely level you up, yet it also means you will need to pay it forward and mentor others yourself…which is just as beneficial, learning how to level others up.