As much as they’d love to have all the answers, startups are building something new and don’t always solve all the problems they attempt…just as planned and right from the get-go.

That’s just how it is.

We realize there is a certain problem, we look for a remedy, we try to build a solution for use, we test with design partners and listen to specific signals or noises to understand what our users say or think, we adapt and change, and try again, and again, and again…

…aiming to arrive at that perfect solution.

But until we get there, we need to keep our ideal users and audience interested, which can be done by transparency, exaggeration, or they can be plainly lied to.

In your journey, you’ll need to decide how you will be talking to them, choosing any which way you want to go, and transparency isn’t always feasible depending on your stage.

So it would go down to exaggerating your value proposition or just plain lying.

While you’d be walking a fine line over both continuously, exaggeration is somewhat accepted if it causes no harm, but…

…no one likes being lied to. No one.